About Us

Bringing sustainable European design and technology to the New Zealand building landscape.

Formed in 2014

Frame Protection System Limited was formed in 2014 by Gwyn Williamson and Grant Murray. Building on their experience of bringing quality products Products suitable for typical building methodologies and variable climate of New Zealand.

With a passion for the building industry, and a keen interest in design and performance, FPS started out in the high performance housing market which demands higher performing membranes for weather tightness and moisture control.

A short time thereafter, FPS turned their system into a fully Codemarked, comprehensive weathertight system, allowing work to continue inside the building prior to external cladding. The first of its kind. FPS spent two years testing the system to iron out any wrinkles, before going into the general market, and the system has not changed since its inception..

We source our membranes from European supplier, FAKRO. It’s can-do attitude aligns with our own. FAKRO began with three staff and today employs over 3300 people. The company has built its success on quality and innovation producing over 100 patented designs and products by their engineers.

Using the latest European 3-layer membranes has gotta be expensive right? While our FPS Weathertight Wrap might have a higher upfront cost, it saves you money in the long run.

A Change of VIew

Bringing style and function to the New Zealand building landscape

The success of Frame Protection System has now extended to the supply of European-designed roof windows and loft and attic ladders. Seeing a demand for greater technology in homes and the desire of homeowners to ensure greater efficiencies and performance in their houses, FPS’ range of windows and attic ladders add style, function, and technology to new and existing homes.

Our Mission

“Improving New Zealand building standards by challenging the status quo through quality and innovation”.

Not only is this our mantra when deciding on new solutions to bring to the building industry, it’s also how we wish to behave in the market, challenging current industry service levels and customer satisfaction norms.

We’re proud of our great system, great service, and the impact we have had on many projects and building companies across the country.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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